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A QR Code Reader That Works….Please


We’ve been hearing complaints about how some iPhone users are having problems reading QR Codes and sadly, some of them have given up hope of ever successfully reading the QR Codes. After hearing so much from us, naturally, they wanted to give QR Code a shot too. It all ended rather sadly when they pointed their iPhones at the QR Codes only to have them told that the phone can’t read the code because of a myriad of reasons. One reason is that the camera on iPhone found the scan very blurry and is unable to read them.

There are many popular QR Code readers out there in the market and sadly, some don’t really live up to their names.

If you’re keen on using QR Codes for current and future needs, let us give you a few suggestions over here because many of us have downloaded multiple QR Code readers and have test-driven them (painfully and torturously so). Some of us got so fanatical about it that he had about 8 different QR Code readers installed into his iPhone.

NeoReader is a popular QR Code but it’s not as popular as something like BeeTag, of course, but it worked. That’s the most important thing, isn’t it? It’s not whether the QR Code reader is popular or not, it’s whether it worked or not. Despite the fact that it does not come with a zoom feature (which enables a sharper scan), it worked wonderfully and quite quickly too.

Another QR Code reader that does not come with a zoom feature is iDecode. It scans BOTH QR Code and Data Matrix codes but there’s one problem with it, amongst the many that we’ve tried, it’s the slowest.

We were quite excited about 2D Sense QR Code reader, though, because it not only read QR Codes, it has a zoom feature to enlarge whatever you’ve scanned and improve it internally which processing. The 2D Sense also scans Blotcode, Dandelion, Data Matrix, etc.

However, Quickmark Lite is the fastest that we’ve used and what’s unique about it is that you can automatically tweet about what you’ve just scanned right there from your cell phone.

This is just our take on the QR Code scanners. They are in no way at all advertisers or sponsors (we’ll let you know if they are) but go ahead and see which one suits you best.

After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

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