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A More Positive Take On QR Code Technology


I don’t get it. I just don’t. A columnist for The Globe and Mail just gave a hardly positive review and take on his view about the future of QR Codes. Maybe he isn’t as mobile savvy as he hopes to be – who knows? Maybe he has no inkling as to how many countries are actively using QR Codes in many parts of Asia and Europe. His microscopic view on the future of QR Code is refutable. 


I would like to think that QR Codes is really bringing on a huge, major and positive change to advertising because…let’s look at it this way, when you are at a bus stop, you no longer have to stare into blank space wondering when your bus is going to arrive. You can actively wave your smart phone at a QR Code and KNOW for sure when your bus is going to arrive. You can now have the peace of mind and also the ability to decide right there and then if you were going to wait the bus out or walk away and grab a taxi. In fact, if the bus was going to be late, at least you will know…and surf Facebook or Tweet at the bus stop. 

Another good example would be for advertising agencies to propel the use of location-based advertising. If you were a bank (Any business, actually, like a restaurant) and would like to help your customers, why not advertise a QR Code with GPS system to help customers find the nearest branch based on their location? I am sure lots of customers would appreciate the help, especially if they are from out of town or better yet, a foreigner. 

Money changers can do the same thing. If I were in another country and is strapped for the local currency, I would LOVE it if there was a QR Code that could tell me where I can find a money changer NOW. Better yet, if they can tell me how to get there with a GPRS system. But that isn’t necessary, I guess, because most smart phones comes with their own GPRS system and all they need is an address these days. But sure, go ahead. If the mobile website can give me a map, I will endlessly thank them. 

Many Americans are calling the codes ugly. I guess it’s true. But it is also apparent that some writers and reviewers do not yet know that people can customize and pretty-up QR Codes without causing any problems with the QR Code. THAT’S technology and advertising coming together in one beautiful sweeping movement. 

Based on a report, it seems that more than 14 million Americans scanned a QR Code last year and I am sure that the number will only continue rising. It might not seem like such a big deal now because there are more than 300 million Americans but if you looked at how long QR Codes’ been around, you’ll cut the technology some slack. 

Has anyone considered how long it took human beings to believe that you could actually talk to someone without having that person be right in front of you? Do people honestly think that when airplanes were created, people INSTANTLY thought, ‘Wow, GREAT’? Human beings are a skeptical bunch so we thought that it was impossible for metal to fly in the air mich less carry a hundred to two hundred people in them. Neither did we believe that human beings could be on the moon. Yet….

So, here’s my take. QR Codes are going to rock the world. So there. 

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