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A Model Marketing Campaign: Deus Ex, Gamification, Social Media and QR Codes


Deus EX: Human Revolution went on sale on August 23.  This is the latest installment of the widely popular and critically acclaimed Deus Ex game originally released in 2000.

The publisher, Square Enix, pulled out all the stops in marketing the game, which included game-themed t-shirts, gear and other fashion items and a full social media assault with a Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel for the game.  They also released a QR code scavenger hunt way back in June 2011, with codes to be found in various venues along with the social media platforms mentioned earlier.

Players could scan the code and win themed wallpapers, themes and other digital goodies.  They also said that they will give away PlayStation Home stuff and Xbox avatar gear to all the players if all the players contributed to the one million point target.

Close to 200,000 scans have been made, enabling the QR code game players to exceed the target of 1,000,000 points before the August 23 deadline (each scan is worth 10 points).

This is a real good way to use QR codes.  One of the upcoming trends in marketing right now is gamification, or turning non-gaming marketing channels into a fun game.  While we all have followed Twitter accounts for brands and liked a Facebook brand or product page, there is really nothing much we could do with it.

Gamification allows you to engage your customers on a continuous basis. They do not just like your page and then forget about you altogether even before the day ends.  But they also participate in the scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt, which is amply supported by QR codes, urged the people to tell their friends about the game and the scavenger hunt in order to attain the quota of 1,000,000 points.    This in turn created a great amount of buzz for the game, months before it was set to be released!

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