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A Hard-to-Read Website Can Kill Your Business


How legible is your site? That is to say, how easy is it to read?

This can be answered by looking at three things: the fonts that you use, the color scheme you chose, or the level of language you use.

First, if you use fonts that are ornate or elaborate, or perhaps pixilated, then your site might not be easy to read. Choose fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. These are very legible, both on a computer screen and when printed on paper.

The color scheme you use might also be a contributing factor to the legibility of your website. For example, if you use two colors that do not have too much contrast, such as white and gray or violet and blue, as your background and text colors. The use of too many bright colors can also strain the eyes, so avoid using colors that are too bright for your site.

Lastly, the text itself may present a problem. For instance, if your copy has a lot of typographical or grammatical errors, then it might be very difficult to read and comprehend. It might also help if you could make it simple for your readers to understand your words. Write for your audience; there is no sense in peppering your copy with a lot of very difficult to understand words if your readers are grade-schoolers.

Sometimes it helps to bring in the professionals when it comes to website design. Hire a designer who has worked on business websites before. Professionals really know more about the elements that would go well together, as well as what works for a site or not. You can leverage what they already know and use it to your advantage.

And if you think that a professional website designer is very costly, think again. There are actually a lot of very good and highly experienced designers that are inexpensive and are well worth the investment!

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