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A Few Other Large Brand Names All Coded Up


If you’ve been downtown Manhattan, you would have seen some really big brand names putting their billboards together with some indecipherable big square code together with the ad. Yes, QR Codes is hitting it big time with the big brand names!

In the past month, it was reported that there is a a whopping 1200% increase in the number of smartphones out there…including phones like iPhones, Blackberry, Android and Symbian phones. Most new brands come with pre-loaded QR Code reader, making it easier and more seamless for users to scan QR Codes.

One of the brand names which is not only using QR Codes for their marketing campaigns but also helping to promote it is USPS. The big courier company is promoting the use of QR Codes by offering discounts upfront if they included a QR Code in their mailer. According to news and information that we have received, companies who send out mails using permit imprint will get the discount.

In the meantime, staff of The Cookie Jar, a bakery with a huge following is also turning mobile now. The promotion has been receiving quite a favorable response with many passerby stopping by to scan the QR Code. Some out of curiosity, others out of novelty. The bakery’s official representative reportedly said that the addition of QR Code is an important to users when they are trying to find the company and also good deals and QR Code marketing seems to be a wonderfully affordable marketing solution.

In the meantime, big brand raisin company, Sun-Maid, ties up with the makers of Kungfu Panda 2 to promote the release of the film. Scanning of the QR Code leads mobile phone users to a mobile-friendly website whereby they get to enter sweepstakes, watch the trailer and even download from movie-related wallpapers.

Contests and coupons seems to be popular with advertisers because it is an effective call for action. Instead of enticing people to buy something straight-off, they are enticing them with freebies, which is a good way to use mobile technology. 


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