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A Different Kind of Film Festival Uses QR Codes



There is certainly nothing new about using QR codes during any event, film festivals included.

In fact, New York’s Tribeca Film Festival last April deployed QR codes for its own film festival.  The QR codes gave the attendees access to special videos and trailers via the mobile version of the festival’s website.  Individual filmmakers were also given their own QR codes, which could be used to connect scanners to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In an earlier article, BeQRious.com has already discussed how various film festivals such as the Port Townsend Film Festival, the New Hampshire Film Festival and the Edmonds International Film Festival, have used QR codes for information sharing, marketing and promotion.  

So what’s so special about the ongoing QR Code Film Festival currently being held in Korea?  It is the first one that allows people to just scan a QR code and watch the movie directly from their mobile phones.    The movies are produced by Korean filmmakers and directors.

A total of 14 movies will be on exhibit from July 21 to July 31, 2011.  Scanning the QR code would take the users to a YouTube video of the film.

A sample of the movies participating in the festival includes:


  • Mom (Approximately 12 minutes) by Jang Wook Sang
  • Shall We Take a Walk (Approximately 9 minutes) by Kim Young Geun
  • Manners in Public (Approximately 8 minutes) by Park Han Jae


So imagine holding a film festival without having to reserve screening venues.  No crowd control.  No hassles.  Organizers would just have to put up the films on YouTube, create the QR codes and put up the posters for the QR codes and the films.  For this year, the organizers also enlisted the help of their Facebook likers and Twitter followers in helping spread the word.  They even asked people to print out a copy of their posters with the QR codes and film information and post it on any suitable area.

If you are a movie lover, you would surely love this concept!


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