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A Cute Japanese Advertisement On QR Code


I found this Japanese commercial on how to use QR Code. Well, it’s in Japanese and unsurprisingly, most of us would have no idea what the real message is but it’s a very cute and unique (very typical of Japanese) advertisement showing a couple of girls trying to decipher a square little box containing black and white boxes. A little stymied, they consult with each other about the possible intention of placing the Code there and then a ‘viola’ moment happened.

A couple walked past behind them and started talking. The couple stopped in front of a poster, the guy whips out his mobile phone, places the camera phone in front of the poster (i.e. QR Code) and scans it. 


Then it tells them that some place (can’t read Japanese, remember?) is having a promotion and the happy couple saunters off after the sale.

This, my fellow QR Code newbies, is how the QR Code is supposed to be used.

Within the tiny code itself, you can download stuff, load a mobile web page, buy a song, read a blog, comment on someone’s post, compare pricing, etc.

NOW you know why we here at www.BeQRious.com can’t wait for the QR Code technology to really hit us?

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