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A Completely Customized QR Code Scanning Experience


Everyone, by now, knows that the internet is all about customized and personalized experience. This makes users and internet surfers feel important and special whenever they perform searches on the internet. It looks like mobile surfacing and QR Codes is about to become personalized too as Macy’s and Home Depot embark on a pretty ambitious (by today’s standards) marketing ‘adventure’. 

Scanning a QR Code typically brings you to a specific webpage – for example, if you see a banner outside of a shop and if you scan it, you will be taken to a specific destination, like the company’s web page or its social networking account. What Macy’s and Home Depot intends to do is to pull out surfing activities and history of activities performed by the mobile owners in order to bring them an evaluated and customized results. 

Thee system is new hence, I would say that the results would probably be a little…unpredictable at this point but it is an interesting concept. 

Newbies who are just getting accustomed to seeing these black-and-white codes must be perplexed with yet another new development in mobile technology. But I am sure you will all adjust in time because it looks like QR Code technology is definitely here to stay, like it or not. 

What is important for such a system is for it not to pre-judge the phone user. Just because the mobile phone user has never scanned, typed or searched for coffee beans in the phone (using the phone) does not mean that the mobile user will NEVER be interested in coffee beans in the near future. The system needs to keep all other possible options available. If you do not understand what all this customization is about, here’s what it is in the nutshell – it is like digging into the browsing history and cookies stored up in a computer whenever you make searches on the internet. It is also accessing the memory of the mobile phone to personalize the results. 

I hope that cleared up some stuff for you. As long as the mobile phone user carries the mobile phone with him or her thoughout the day and does not own more than one phone, then the system can be pretty accurate. The problem is when the owner of the phone CHANGES phone (which, in Asia, is pretty often, it seems). The history and memory stored in the phone disappears along with the owner. You can’t transfer the memory stored in a phone. 

What do you think? Would you find it acceptable for a QR Code system to access all of your activities on your phone?

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