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A Building Of QR Code


It’s one thing to have a QR Code printed on a shirt, another to have it tattooed onto your hand, knitted into a scarf, embedded into your carpeting….and then quite another story to have it all over an entire building. Far fetched? No, apparently, the people like Qosmo Inc and Teradadesign don’t think so.

Fot those who are new to the QR Code scene, it stands for QR Code. One good example would be this QR Code below, one that we created using our local QR Code generator.


You will need a smart phone equipped with a QR Code reader to scan this picture. Essentially, this QR Code will lead to the BeQRious home page. It is an image that can be printed on anywhere you wish, from caps to t-shirts, books to mugs. The camera on your iPhone acts as a scanner. Do you see the logo right in the middle of the QR Code?

Yeah, it’s amazing that even with an image embeded into the QR Code, the link continues to work. It doesn’t just work for a link to the cyber world. You can create a QR Code to send SMS automatically or even lead people to your facebook profile, download a media file or watch a video on YouTube.

Now that you know what QR Code is, just imagine this. Imagine the above QR Code being built into the facade of an ENTIRE building. It sounds like a crazy idea but it is precidely what Qosco and Teradadesign did with a building Tokyo’s Tachikawa stucture.

When the QR Code is scanned, the mobile phone user is lead to a page that tells them second-to-seond updates on the going-ons in the building which includes information on the shops witihin the walls of the building, make reservations, book tickets, download coupons, purchase products. The QR Code also leads people to a GPS site which displays all the Twitter feeds from the people who are working inside of the building!

Talk about transparency. So, if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend working inside of that building, wouldn’t it be really easy to find out just exactly where he or she is at any given time?

As innovative as the idea is and considering the fact that the Japanese are crazy about using QR Codes for everything, one might wonder the practicality of turning every building in Tokyo into a QR Code building. The landscape would be one intriguing sight.


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