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A Book That Lives


The new generation will never truly view books in the same light as we view classics anymore if other stuff like the recent Living Books became popular all over the world. What would you say if I told you that a book of about 200 pages could change every time you read it? What would you think if I said that you could read the same page today and tomorrow and the content would be different both times? QR Code has wound its magical grip on the world of publishing….utilizing both QR Code technology, internet (Twitter) and print publication.

All this is happening in Brazil and all I can say is that this makes Amazon look like they’re playing in a kid’s sand pit. Editoras is a Brazilian online bookstore looking to market and promote both their website and a particular Living Book. The entire book is written with large-enough-to-scan QR Codes…100 QR Code on ‘love’ and 100 QR Codes on ‘hate’.

I know you’re literally scratching your head over here but here’s what’s happening.

Each page gives you content on two topics; love and hate. People who bought the book can scan the Codes with their mobile phones and be led to a mobile web page mobilized by their Twitter account. When the mobile phone user logs into the mobile web page, the engine will drag out a random quote on the topic chosen and display it. The engine updates itself once every seven days so that the content is never the same even if you ‘read the book’ every day of the week.

The first step in their marketing campaign is to post QR Codes everywhere they can get away with….they’re hard to miss, actually. And young people really get these things. I’m hoping that this kind of frenzy will hit this part of the world as soon as possible because it must be more exciting to have it here than to watch the complete insanity hit so many other parts of the world and yet not being able to be a part of it.


Watch the whole thing in the following video and be amazed.

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One Response to A Book That Lives

  1. okjedi June 10, 2009, 9:43 am

    Cool. I really love this and will do all I can to ignite the QR code revolution here in the USA. The tipping point is coming!

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