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2D Barcode Yourself

This may come as a surprise to us who are still trying to come to terms with how the whole 2D barcode system works and is still ever-so-slightly amazed at how quickly we can checkout at the supermarket using the conventional barcode system. As people are getting used to the idea of using their mobile phones as a boarding pass, researching property we want to buy and also scanning advertisements in newspapers and magazines, we have YET another new thing hype to contend with.
Let’s say you see someone interesting at the club and you want to find out more information about….along the lines of whether she’s married, dating or single….all you have to do now is to point your phone in her direction and snap a picture of…the barcode on her clothes.
This news sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick but it’s true…this is how far offline and online intergration has come and it’s with something as simple as putting a 2D barcode on the clothes that we wear! A truly inventive company in Netherlands have come up with a way to let you put 2D barcodes on your clothes and when someone scans the 2D barcode, they will be led to your social web links online. In fact, the 2D barcode can lead mobile phone users to your website, blog or your Facebook account.
The company uses something call ShotCode, which is a spinoff from the 2D barcode system, which is a growing mobile phone tagging technology. Large companies like Sony Erricsson and Nike have used 2D barcodes to market and advertise themselves in many parts of Europe on billboards, buildings, bottles and other tangible real-life products.
To the average mobile phone user, you could be wearing the shirt with the barcode on your shirt and it would merely look like a strange patch or artwork on it. But to mobile phone users who are more in tune with information technology development, he or she will whip out the mobile phone and snap a picture of the 2D barcode on your shirt and find links to your online life.
As for how popular we think this new fad is going to be, we’d have to say that the fad might hit bloggers and online personalities a lot faster than the average Joe and Jane. It’s hardly comprehensible to imagine people want to publicize their online identities to everyone they meet or walk past!
However, the idea and possibility of it all….is simply too intriguing to ignore.

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