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2D Barcode Train Tickets In The UK


We’ve written about 2D barcodes being used as boarding passes before and it seems only too obvious that if it can work as a boarding pass for people who want to fly, it should work for people who are trying to catch a train. UK’s rail operators have opened up to the idea of using 2D barcodes as a form of ticket to their train boarding system. In fact, the scoop is that it will also become a national standard for electronic tickets as far traveling by train is concerned. One fine day, all you have to do is to flash your mobile and you’re on your way.

At this point in time, there’s still a franchise business that handles all online ticketing in the UK….as far as we know. How successful and receptive 2D barcodes will be as a form of online ticketing system…we don’t know because as of now, ninety percent of the people continue to book their tickets through the ticket machines or walk up to the ticket counter, queue up and purchase the ticket from the grumpy old man with the aged hat and bored look behind the counter. Selling tickets is an extremely expensive part of the rail franchise business.

The Masabi trails focuses on bringing their customers with barcode information that they can use as a form of ticket and they are pretty confident about its popularity. Apparently, a study was done and their customers showed enthusiasm and receptiveness about the idea of purchasing train tickets with their mobile phones. The system that they will be using is a sophisticated and safe one whereby the customer can book their tickets at home, while traveling or at the railway station itself. They’re using a Java application that records their customer’s personal information (like credit card information) on the phone itself hence, purchasing the train ticket would take all but minutes. All the purchasing will be done and delivered over internet or WAP connection or delivered via text messaging. And all that information, including verification and authentication codes, is embedded in the 2D barcode.

As positive as it looks, there ARE others who prefer the old email and print-out method…and it IS still available. However there are far too many advantages to using the 2D barcode system to ignore. For instance, since all information about the 2D barcode would be stored within the mobile phone owner, it would no longer be necessary for them to verify it…thereby making it seamless all the way.

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