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It doesn’t feel quite right to publish this right now but I feel the urge to simply because this is art and technology combined. And being a techno freak makes it hard for me to ignore these stuff.

Recently, I heard news from the grapevine that an innovative person by the name of Yuri Suzuki living in the heart of Manhattan is combining his deep interest in music, love for art and grasp of technology. If you walk around in the streets of Manhattan, you may suddenly come across a strange black-and-white box which is something called a 2d barcode. But this one would be a 2d barcode in graffiti format. The 2d barcode graffiti has been stenciled into the walls along those streets by this guy and when someone who has a 2d barcode reader in his or her phone scans the barcode, music comes alive.

The 2d barcodes activates a stream of internet radio streaming on internet-enabled phones. It’s sort of like spreading the love of music through the city, using 2d barcode as the vehicle…but quite illegally.

The thing is that the artist is interested in connecting graffiti and pirate radio (this is where the uncomfortable issue of illegality comes in). But it’s still a form of creative expression. So, if you live in the city of Manhattan and happens to walk past a curious square box which appears to mean nothing at all to you, scan it with your QR code enabled phone and start listening to some music.

Yuri Suzuki was born in Tokyo and worked for Maywa Denki for a while and that is where he started developing a strong interesting in integrating music and technology. After a six year hiatus with the company, Suzuki moved to London where he delved deep into art at the Royal College or Art. After graduating while working with Moritz Waldemeyer, he opened his own studio and this is where life begins for this man.

I suspect this is a part of his promo work for his exhibitions and artwork but nevertheless, you have to give the man credit for being creative and brave with this move.

If you spot one of those graffiti, please do let us know!

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